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From Woodswoman: Hubby and I had a "play date" today, to take a friend who is new to motorcycling on her first group ride. My girlfriend is on a Nighthawk 250. Her "comfort zone" right now tops out at about 45 MPH. We picked some nice lower-speed twisty back roads to accommodate that, going from little town to little town on an 80-mile loop. Temps were in the mid 80s with high humidity. Times like this are when my right leg would ordinarily get very uncomfortable. I usually end a day like today with a pink, "roasted" spot inside my right leg just above the knee, even though I wear protective (textile) pants. Well, not today. I could tell the bike was putting out plenty of heat, especially since it spent most of the time with the RPMs in the high 2000s and low 3000s, but Boomer Bob's heat shield just moved the worst of it off my leg. I have been waiting for 2 years for this solution. THANK YOU, BOB!!


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