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Victory X Bike Shield Install Instructions





  1. Remove side cover and 2 bolts holding seat on and remove seat.
  2. Remove rear tank bolts being careful to not lose the rubber grommets and inserts. Total of 4. Two inner and two outer. Helps to put a towel or something over the big hole behind the tank.
  3. Disconnect ground strap to back of tank.
  4. Position the shield so the “U” cut for the fuel line is facing toward the front of the bike.
  5. Lift rear of tank taking great care to not break the nipple where the gas hose goes into the tank. At the same time; slide the leather under the tank and position where you would like the leather to lay taking note of where the side cover grommets are so as not to cover them.
  6. Pull outward on both side of leather to remove any wrinkles under tank and check position again. There is sheet metal and Thermo-Tec heat shielding between the layers on the right side and sheet metal on the left side. You can bend and adjust the “wings” to your liking. Re-install the rear tank bolts with grommets, inserts, and ground strap.
  7. Put the side covers back on making sure leather shield is not in the way of where the covers go into rubber grommets.  Sometimes it’s easier to put the covers on and tuck the “tails” in afterwards.
  8. Done!


Note: Like all leather products; the shield will need to be protected. I usually just wax right over the leather when waxing the bike. It helps it stay waterproof.

I may be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.